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Interactive iBooks for effective teaching

What is an iBook?

An iBook is a type of electronic book  that can be viewed on Apple devices such as iPads or iPhone. They include text, videos, widgets, links and more, making the reading experience more holistic, interactive and engaging for the reader. 

How is an iBook different than an eBook?

A regular eBook, which normally has the extension .epub is made up of mostly text and fixed images. The reader can bookmark, flip through pages and look up the meaning of words, but interactivity is kept to a minimum (no videos, links, widgets, 3D images, etc.)

An iBook, is the next level of interactive books, which aside text includes an endless number of media that allow the reader to interact with content. 

What are some of the cons of iBooks?

iBooks are exclusive to Apple, and therefore for their creation one must use a Mac computer, although aftermarket software for PC is beginning to emerge. Also, iBooks can only be viewed on OS devices, but conversion of files to remove DMR limitations is possible and easy. iBooks tend to be larger files than .epubs due to the higher media content. 

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