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This website is designed to introduce visitors to several useful Apps/Websites that can be used by educators to teach their classes. Specifically, they can be used to address the concept of holistic education for our students.


In the Applications section, you will find links to each of the 12 Apps/Websites listed.  Each one will have a brief description and perhaps some links to images or videos that help explain how to use it.  Specifically, we address how these Apps/Websites can be used in a holistic education context, with students ranging in age from pre-K to adult.


Information about holistic education can be found in the Holistic Education section.


This website is created by the WOOD Team, from the CTL5011 course in the Summer 2017 cohort led by Dr. Selia Karsten.  We do not claim responsibility for creating any of these Apps/Websites, we are merely here to promote their use.  We hope you enjoy your stay at Holistic Apps/Websites for Busy Teachers! 


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